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Stay Grounded Regional Groups

In some countries, several Stay Grounded members got connected as Stay Grounded Regional Groups and undertake joint activities.

ATERRA – Stay Grounded Portugal

The government and corporations planned a massive airport expansion in Portugal. ATERRA is gathering groups and people to defend our ecosystems, promote sustainable travelling and a livable future. Less aviation, more imagination!



RESTER SUR TERRE – Stay Grounded France

Aviation is on average 7% of the carbon footprint of a French, and green flying is an illusion. Carbon neutrality cannot therefore be reached without stopping airport extensions and reducing air traffic. There are many airport extension projects in France, for example at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Measures to reduce air traffic need to be developed: introduction of a kerosene tax, increase of the ecotax on tickets, shutdown of airlines to cities that can be reached by train in less than 4h30, etc. Join us to counterbalance the power of the aeronautics and aviation industry (Airbus, Safran, Air France, ADP) and promote new ways of travelling.



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Stay Grounded Spain

Aviation has grown steadily in Spain during the last years, enjoying a privileged treatment from the national and regional governments. Aviation’s carbon emissions registered a 45% increase in Spain during the period from 2013 to 2019 and massive public money has been transferred to the aviation industry during the COVID-19 pandemic to bail-out a high number of polluting companies. As well, different projects to expand a number of airports threaten to exponentially increase Spain’s carbon emissions in the future.

The Spanish member organisations of Stay Grounded work permanently to stop these policies and to promote a sustainable and resilient mobility system.

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Stay Grounded UK & Friends

With all the attention on airline bailouts recently, a new awareness from politicians and the public that airlines can’t be trusted to be good corporate citizens, a climate breakdown last gasp avalanche of UK airport planning applications and Master Plans; there’s a lot happening on campaigning around aviation in the UK. So with this amplified need to fight airport expansion, we’ve decided to go ahead and set up a SGUK Chapter and a SG-UK email list so that we can all communicate and work together effectively.

If your UK group is interested in joining us please contact: