How to Do Grounded Online Campaigning
Juni 15, 2020

It has become standard even for small NGOs or grassroots groups to run multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But very often these are not used effectively, content is posted rather randomly and is not presented in a catchy way, or the social media team does not coordinate properly. What can be done about this?

In this webinar we mainly focused on the channels Twitter, Facebook and Telegram as well as the online tool Canva. How can we use these as a (small) NGO or grassroots organisation in a purposeful and effective way, which contents make sense and how can they be presented to reach more people and create engagement? What is the Facebook Creator Studio, how can we create engagement on Twitter and what are the benefits of lists and groups there? How can Telegram be used to reach your followers regularly and directly?

We mainly dealt with the technical level of the platforms. Additionally we explored how graphics can be created and edited quickly using Canva and how a small social media team can coordinate itself.

Manuel Grebenjak, Stay Grounded Online Campaigner